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Spam emails| Wasted time

Everyone hates spam email, spending more time deleting emails that we didn’t ask for. Using a antispam service helps to filter out those emails and send you a simple email with a list of those email it blocked from filling your inbox. If the system got it wrong then a couple of clicks and the email is in your inbox. Simple and effective. The cost £1 per mailbox per month. 

Now the wordy version…

Avast® AntiSpam is a cloud email security service that delivers comprehensive protection against spam, viruses, phishing attacks and other key email-borne threats. It uses unique technology to identify the sources of spam and, as a cloud-based service, it protects against them with greater accuracy and efficiency than other cloud solutions.

Protection that’s simply more efficient
Prevents unwanted or malicious email in the cloud from hitting their network. Provides 10 levels of in-depth protection that is more effective than traditional techniques.

Save time and costs
Fewer staff frustrations, fewer infections and avoiding issues as IP blacklisting all mean fewer call-outs and complications for you. Plus, like all Avast Business CloudCare services, Avast® AntiSpam is easy to navigate, change settings, add customers etc. to save you time and costs.

Volume-based email protection
Around 80-90% of all messages travelling over the Internet are actually sent to people who don’t exist at the target domain. AVG® AntiSpam eliminates inbound emails destined for unknown individuals at your domain.

Outbound mail auditing
Helps to block outbound email that contains spam and viruses and prevents your customers from inadvertently spamming their contacts and IP address blacklisting.

Permitted countries
Blocks messages from any country other than those specifically approved for delivery at the address of the sending server.

Avast® AntiSpam panel
Can be automatically inserted at the bottom of incoming messages, to let your customers update their access preferences.

Enables staff to spontaneously disclose a purpose-specific address on a website, in a discussion forum, in print or conversation, so that legitimate users of the address can be “locked down” in the event the address is ever harvested and abused by a spammer.


AVG Business CloudCare architecture
• SSL 2048-bit encryption in transit
• Multiple-layer firewalls with SPI
• Private Cloud, fully redundant data centres
• Secure user password enforcement
• Compatible with existing firewalls

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